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Synod assemblies sent 196 memorials to this assembly—120 more than in 2003—reported Dee Pederson and Karl Anderson, Church Council members and co-chairs of the Memorials Committee, to the voting members Tuesday.

The committee combined those with similar intent into 38 recommendations and proposed en bloc passage of 33, with individual consideration of another five.

• Hunger: The first of these, combining 17 synods’ memorials, called on the ELCA “to confront the scandal of hunger in this world as a core dimension of living out the Christian faith” and “to recommit this church to the goals of the ELCA World Hunger Appeal and Program through increased resolve and renewed engagement.”

It also called for consideration of examples of support, commitment and engagement by congregations, synods and the churchwide organization. Bruce H. Davidson, New Jersey Synod, offered an amendment to one of these that focused on “efforts to feed the hungry and promote community economic development” to include: “advocate for just laws and policies aimed at ending hunger.” Davidson, the synod director of advocacy, said, “It’s difficult to get people to speak up, to know what it means to be good and faithful advocates.” It was approved by a wide margin, as were two other amendments: one to work to “ensure adequate nutrition” and another to acknowledge the need to confront “governmental corruption.”

An amendment to address other causes of chronic hunger—including environmental sustainability and population control—failed. The memorial was approved 927-27.

• Passed unanimously an expression of best wishes to the Jewish community on the 350th anniversary of its founding in America; and urged continuing Lutheran-Jewish dialogue.


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