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Ethnic strategies Ok'd

A strategy approved will equip the ELCA to undertake “intensified outreach with the gospel among ... Arab and Middle Eastern communities” in the U.S. and reinforces the ELCA’s partnership in ministry with Arab and Middle Eastern congregations in Chicago; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Dearborn, Mich.

Victor C. Langford III, Northwest Washingtion Synod, said, “There are a lot of Middle Eastern people in the Northwest. We’re aware of the need to address this opportunity.”

Stephen E. King, Southwestern Minnesota Synod, said, “I’m very enthusiastic about the outreach and evangelism focus, the bridge-building emphasis. I’m looking forward to possibilities for direct support from our congregation.”

The African Descent Ministry Strategy was adopted. It expresses support for ministries with people of African descent (African American, African Caribbean and African national groups) and commits the ELCA to expanding outreach among African immigrant communities.

Cecelia Travik-Jackson, Southwest California Synod, praised the “rich religious heritage of African Christians” and the strategy for providing “a framework for people of African heritage to contine their faith journey in the Lutheran tradition.”

Gemechis D. Buba, president of the organization of Oromo Lutheran congregations, urged raising leaders from immigrant communities. The strategy will help us “look for opportunites to reach out to these immigrants and start congregations with intentional planning.”


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