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ONE can change the world

Become a ONE Lutheran. What is it and why did Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson refer to it in his report yesterday?

The ONE Campaign is an effort to rally Americans, one by one, to fight AIDS and extreme poverty globally. It’s part of an international campaign, one which the ELCA, Bread for the World and the Lutheran World Federation support.

The goal is to convince U.S. leaders to give an additional “ONE percent” of the U.S. budget to meet the basic needs of the world’s poorest: education, health, clean water, food and care for orphans.

Statistics are daunting and don’t tell the personal stories. But consider this: A third of children are malnourished, and nearly 800 million people don’t get enough food. And 1.2 billion people live without access to safe drinking water.

How can you support the ONE Campaign? A variety of ways are listed on the ONE LUTHERAN site at www.elca.org/advocacy/one, or you can call Bread for the World at (800) 82-BREAD. You can sign the campaign declaration, wear a wristband to let people know you support the campaign or join an e-Advocacy network, among other things.


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