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Vessels for our communion

Communion vessels used at worship during the Churchwide Assembly were crafted by Palestinian artisans at the International Center of Bethlehem, a ministry of Christmas Lutheran, a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan and the Holy Land.

Michael Burk, ELCA director for worship, said: “In communion, in the meal itself, God gives us mercy and forgiveness and causes us to long for the day of God’s justice in the entire world. It’s the meal then that raises issues of justice. And the difficult task of working for justice begins in our lives and in the communities in which we live.”

The decision to use this communion ware for the assembly led to the incorporation of these vessels as part of the “Peace Not Walls—Stand for Justice in the Holy Land” campaign. Each synod will receive a set of communion ware as part of that campaign, so vessels won’t be available for sale to voting members as has occurred in the past. Individuals or congregations interested in acquiring communion sets like those being used here can order them through the Bethlehem center’s Web site (www.annadwa.org/cave/cave.htm).


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