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Agencies to trade graces online

Lutheran Services in America and its member Social Ministry Organizations will participate in the first “Trading Graces Online Auction” on eBay Feb. 26-March 8, 2006. A preview gallery will be available in late August at www.lutheranservices.org.

Each SMO will solicit items and services for sale, such as toys, antiques, gift certificates, sporting apparel, lawn care service and manicures. The proceeds will go to each organization. “It’s important to keep the revenue in the community that raised the proceeds,” says John Carter, auction manger. “That way you can see the results firsthand.

“Lutheran social ministry organizations are one of the largest providers of health and human services. Last year LSA organizations served one in 50 Americans and most people don’t even know it. To that end, Trading Graces brings us into a new era of fundraising and helps us raise awareness of Lutheran identity.”

For more information, contact Carter at (410) 230-3548; jcarter@lutheranservices.org.


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