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Portable liturgy

It can be part of children's everyday lives

“And a little child will lead them” (Isaiah 11:6).

Not long ago my boys and I spent more than two hours at the doctor’s office. The boys, ages 2 and 7, had been well behaved for the hour and 30 minutes we’d been in the waiting room. But we were all tired and hungry by the time we were shown into the examining room. I expected the worst.

As the doctor and I talked, my boys sat on chairs swinging their legs. As we talked more, I became aware of a low rumbling sound coming from their corner. I stiffened in the assumption that their good behavior was about to fall apart. Instead I realized they were singing. As the doctor continued speaking, my boys sang with increasing strength and volume. “Ky-ri-e e-le-i-son. Lord have mer-cy,” came out of their mouths with sweetness, joy and great timing.

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