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Combining two loves

Patti Morlock knows what’s hot: scrapbooking. So Morlock, a pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, Thornville, Ohio, started a scrapbooking Bible study. Together with sister mission congregation, Faith Lutheran in Baltimore, Ohio, the group meets one Saturday morning a month during the school year. Last year, they also attended what is known among scrapbookers as an “all day crop.”

And in July, fifth- and sixth-graders did scrapbooking at the Grace-hosted vacation Bible school that included five churches. Youth used disposable cameras to capture God’s love in action. Using photos, their drawings and journal entries, they created scrapbooks of faith. Time creating the books also allowed students plenty of time to talk. “It’s a nonthreatening way to have conversations about God,” observed Morlock, pictured here with daughter Bekah, 11.


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