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Counting to 5 and 10

Ten years—that’s the length of time Lutheran World Relief (www.lwr.org) pledges to fund long-term tsunami recovery in the devastated regions of India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, according to LWR President Kathryn Wolford. She said $18 million was donated to the agency’s “Wave of Giving” campaign—in addition to pledges from the ELCA and the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

For five years, ELCA International Disaster Relief will disperse funds to world hunger and church partners in South Asia for tsunami relief. Kathryn Sime, director for the ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeals, says in the six months since the tsunami, the ELCA has raised more than $10 million for LWR and other partners, thanks to an “immediate and generous response.”

LWR spent $3 million to provide 300,000 survivors food, mosquito nets, tarpaulins, drinking water, sanitation, medical aid and kerosene stoves. It also funded construction of temporary houses; purchase of boats, engines and fishing nets; and training for volunteers to become community counselors.

And from LWR’s warehouses, $1 million worth of items—many prepared by parishioners—were distributed, including: 3,900 quilts; 15,000 health kits; 10,250 school kits; and 15,300 layettes.

“As we together celebrate these gifts and the work of our partners, we remain attentive to the other disasters in our world, including the ongoing silent disaster of hunger and poverty,” Sime says.


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