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Don Stiger (second from left), an ELCA
Don Stiger (second from left), an ELCA pastor and vice president for mission and spiritual care at the Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y., stands in the center’s new mosque — just steps from the chapel. Stiger says, “Missionally, our commitment is to serve all our neighbors of all faith groups and cultural expressions.” Inside its new on-site mosque are also Linda Sarsour (left), family support counselor; Ahmad M. Jaber, senior attending physician; and Faozia Aljibawi, patient relations representative.
In June, Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., dedicated an on-site mosque to serve its Muslim staff, patients, families and visitors. “As brothers and sisters in all faiths, we do God’s word in many different ways throughout Lutheran Medical Center,” said Wendy Z. Goldstein, president and chief executive officer.

Don Stiger, an ELCA pastor and vice president for mission and spiritual care, recalls the words of the clinical pastoral education director with whom he worked while a seminarian: “The meaning of hospital is to be hospitable.”

Volunteers, fundraisers, imams, carpenters, a visual artist and a calligrapher spent six months planning and designing the mosque, which is located on the main floor of the medical center.

Ahmad M. Jaber, senior attending physician, called the addition “a special place where spiritual healing will enhance physical healing.”


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