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How separate?

For youth, separation of church and state may not be so separate. Of 1,000 youth surveyed, 82.4 percent think the words “under God” belong in the Pledge of Allegiance while 8.5 percent believe they don’t, according to the American Bible Society, New York. And 63 percent of those teens think of those words while they recite the pledge; 37 percent don’t.

Other beliefs of the 12- to 17-year-olds surveyed include:

• Students should be allowed to pray in school (71.8 percent say yes; 10 percent say no).

• The words “In God We Trust” belong on U.S. currency (81.9 percent say yes; 6.4 percent say no).

• Singing God Bless America at sporting events is OK (82.9 percent say yes; 1.9 percent say no; 1.5 percent said it doesn’t matter one way or another).


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