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Global Mission Event draws 1,200 to Fargo

The musicians carefully pronounce each syllable so the crowd can repeat the Spanish words: “Mirad, cuán bueno y cuán delicioso es”—behold, how good and delightful a gift it is­—“habetar los hermanos juntos en armonía”—when sisters and brothers join hands to live in unity.

“There the blessing of God descends,” the Puerto Rican hymn continues. “There is life now and forever.”

The lyrics were a good fit for the opening celebration of the ELCA’s July 14-17 Global Mission Event in Fargo, N.D. A second event was to be held Aug. 25-28 in Baltimore. This year’s theme is “Gathered by God’s Grace for the Sake of the World.”

Anne Basye of the Division for Global Mission says the events draw together ELCA members “who are interested in global mission—to learn, to connect, to worship.”

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