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Word Alone and Solid Rock: Groups discuss strategy, seminary, hymnal

At its summer meeting in the Twin Cities, the board of directors of WordAlone Network, a group that advocates renewal in the ELCA, met with the board of Solid Rock Lutherans, a movement that opposes changing ELCA guidelines related to sexuality.

The boards discussed strategy for educational forums at the Churchwide Assembly, early plans for a future Lutheran Theological House of Studies, and ways they could together encourage diverse church renewal movements to form an association of churches with a common confession, said WordAlone President Jaynan Clark Egland.

In a July 13 meeting summary sent to The Lutheran, Egland said that two members of WordAlone’s hymnal task force (Gracia Grindal of Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., and Luther Johnson, the network’s contact for the Southwestern Minnesota Synod) report that the group is finishing work on worship services and a list of 30 hymns for a “Lutheran Hymnal for Church and Home.”

In other business, Treasurer Irv Aal reported that “WordAlone is ‘in the black’ but only because expenses have been cut and not because giving has been overly generous,” Egland’s summary stated. “We are entering lean months for giving. ... With the Churchwide Assembly now only one month away, the need for funds to cover the expenses to have our staff present and to continue according to plan with our educational forums, materials and DVDs is crucial. Plans to make available guest speakers to address Churchwide Assembly voting members regarding the unheard voices of the international Lutheran churches and the ex-gay community can only move forward as funds become available.”

On July 12, outside ELCA churchwide offices in Chicago, Solid Rock Lutherans announced its “strong opposition to ELCA proposals that would allow ordination of gays and lesbians in same-sex relationships and open the door to blessing such relationships.”


Mark Gilberts

Mark Gilberts

Posted at 1:16 am (U.S. Eastern) 8/10/2007

Where can I get a solid lutheran confessional and blblical

course of study in an Lutheran Seminary to prepare for being

a Lutheran Pastor in a Word and Sacrament and confessional

repentance way of following Jesus Christ

John Smith

John Smith

Posted at 3:46 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/17/2009

You can get it at the same place you get The Book of Moron, Dianetics, by L. Ron hubbard, and any other book written without much thought or deversity. 

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