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'We always need more teachers'

My ministry: I’m director of the Amity Foundation’s education division. The foundation is the education and social service arm of the Christian church in China. We recruit and place volunteer English teachers at colleges in China. We also print Chinese-language Bibles, worship materials and other Christian literature on our presses. I’ve worked with Amity since 1986—its second year of existence.

Joys: My first joy is that I am now a Christian—I was baptized two years ago. I’ve always been interested in Christianity. I came to faith as a result of my work and the examples of the people I work with. Bishop K.H. Ting, the honored president of Amity, is a great example for me. He is open-minded and treats people equally.

I also enjoy working with teachers from different countries. They bring not only their teaching abilities but their culture and Christian witness. We in China need to be familiar with the rest of the world, and the people in other parts of the world need to know about us.

Challenges: We always need more teachers. Amity teachers have a good reputation in China.

How you can help: Pray for us. Spread the word that Amity welcomes volunteers who have an interest in China and a background in teaching. We don’t expect you to speak Chinese. We can offer you an opportunity to come to China and learn about our country in ways a tourist can’t.


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