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All together now

Projects bring the generations together

When it comes to youth projects, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. With intergenerational events, it’s all sizes—and ages—fits all.

At St. John Lutheran Church, Abingdon, Va., members think segregating by age isn’t the best way to teach. Sometimes it shakes up its Sunday school with an intergenerational event like the Ten Commandments carnival, complete with Moses (member David Winship).

Members created a learning center for each commandment. The centers included illustrations and maps, a copy of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism commentary about the commandment and activities. For example, participants could match cards of famous Bible parents/children at the fourth commandment center and sort names of God vs. names of idols at the first commandment display.

At the Mount Sinai Oasis, participants could stop for a Mount Sinai Soda and Commandment Cookie. For extra fun, they used squeeze bottles of icing to practice writing a Hebrew numeral on the tablet-shaped cookies.

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