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'Deaf Bible study'

Meeting for Bible study at a Lutheran college isn’t unusual, but it is unusual for the study to be conducted completely in sign language.

Perhaps even more unusual is having a hearing campus pastor who is so competent in signing—though you won’t hear that from him. For 10 to 12 deaf/hard-of-hearing students at Lenoir-Rhyne College in Hickory, N.C., the Wednesday evening meal and Bible study conducted by Andrew Weisner, campus pastor, is a time of bonding.

Signing the phrase “Deaf Bible study,” are members (front row, from left) Adam Nichol and David Bird and (second row) Betsey Foster, Parker Greene, Rachel Nichol, Megan Dippold, Sean Kelly and Marquita Jones.

“The hearing are welcome, and we want them to come,” Kelly says, “but they have to try to learn to sign.”

The college is known for its deaf education program and support services for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.


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