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'Mercy' to Africa

Wash. couple work on hospital ship

After two years braving threats of malaria,vicious African flies and resumed civil war, Mike and Holly Fotheringill know what it means to “live your faith.” Inspired by their pastor’s endorsement of these words, the Fotheringills, members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Mercer Island, Wash., resigned from their jobs in 2001 to do local mission work.

Holly and Mike Fotheringill this month return to the Anastasis, the Mercy Ship they’re serving aboard for a second year to help bring health-care education to South Africa.
The couple took their faith even further in July 2003, leaving family behind and joining the Mercy Ship Anastasis in Africa.

“You have to be prepared to take the leap of faith or you’re never going to experience all that God has for those who step out,” Mike says. “Being here makes me know just how much God understands me and made me part of his plan.”

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