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Convention business

While most convention attendees selected from an array of activities, 450 delegates conducted business for Women of the ELCA. They:

Donna Peña (left) and Mary Preus, two
Donna Peña (left) and Mary Preus, two of the gathering musicians, listen intently to speakers at the triennial’s morning inspiration times. Those sessions included Bible study by Sarah Henrich, rousing music, panel discussions and a wide variety of speakers.

• Elected for a three-year term as president Carmen K. Richards, 49, from Hope, N.D. Delegates elected Elizabeth Y. Gaskins, Smyrna, Ga., vice president; Kathryn M. Schnierle, Cincinnati, secretary; Robin K. Bert, Chester, Ill., treasurer; and a 17-member executive board.

• Encouraged local units to “expand their involvement” in addressing commercial sexual exploitation, called for “a coordinated churchwide response” to the issue and asked Women of the ELCA to provide resources on the topic.

• Asked Women of the ELCA executive director Linda Post-Bushkofsky and members to write to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, requesting the government’s help to restore a tax exemption for Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem. Operated by the Lutheran World Federation, the facility faces revocation of its tax-exempt status.

• Resolved to continue raising awareness of the effects of globalization and advocating for women worldwide.

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