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Calling young contributors: Explain God

Isaiah 44:6 states: “Thus says the Lord ... I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god.” God? Who or what is God? What other “gods” exist? Why? Which “god” is right? Is there a right? I have no answers (as usual). Perhaps “u” can explain? Join the search.

Maybe you’re a parent, a youth pastor—or both. I see. You’re an actively involved member of a congregation. Not so active? It happens. Wait ... you’re young? Express yourself! Write for www.theyounglutheran.org, an online magazine devoted to you. Explore! Learn about faith and life, together, with youth around the world. Explain! Here’s your chance to explain God—in your words.

Express, explore and explain. Gain real journalism skills. Be recognized for your work. Share your creativity. Connect with young volunteers worldwide. Discuss the latest Christian music. Review a movie. Tell a story. Find ways to get involved in your church. Join a community. Test your biblical knowledge. Tired of short sentences?

The Lutheran is calling young writers, photographers and artists. If you’re anywhere from middle-school to college age — or know someone who is — keep reading. A panel of regular writers and artists is desired. And welcoming new writers and artists is needed. Several categories within the planned site offer editorial opportunities. The “uEXPLAIN” section will feature one monthly writer with his or her explanation of God. Interested in music? Write a review. The same is true for movies and books. We want reviews!

Current events: Write from your perspective. Tell us what’s happening in your town, in your church, around the nation or globally. Open your eyes and be a reporter. Perhaps you know someone full of suggestions? The “uGETout” section will give ways to get involved in church communities. Do you know? Help others get involved by suggesting what works for you.

Express yourself differently. Enjoy painting, drawing or writing poetry? We’d love to see your work. Photographs are always welcome. Join www.theyounglutheran.org. If you or anyone you know is interested, contact Chase Chisholm. Specify an area of interest.

As a summer intern for The Lutheran, my focus is on redesigning www.theyounglutheran.org. My hope, our hope, is to create a place promoting exploration (through interaction) of faith and life. This can’t happen without you. We need writers and artists! The planned launch of the new Web site is Aug. 1, 2005.


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