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ELCA chaplain resigns from Air Force

Task force releases report on religious intolerance at the academy

ELCA Chaplain MeLinda Morton resigned from the U.S. Air Force June 21. In May, Morton told The Lutheran that she was dismissed from the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., and reassigned to Okinawa after she refused to deny reports of religious intolerance at the school ("Chaplain is dismissed from U.S. Air Force Academy," July, page 48).

One day after her resignation, an Air Force task force issued a report on religious intolerance at the4,300-student academy. It found “perceptions” of religious intolerance but no evidence of widespread discrimination.

Morton said she resigned for reasons of “integrity,” adding: “The [academy] superintendent offered me a [five-week] position on his staff, [but] the way in which the position was offered indicated they weren’t serious about [religious freedom]. He expected certain loyalties.”

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