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Who: Youth from St. John Lutheran Church, North Versailles, Pa.

What did they do?: With the theme, “Who is my neighbor?,” last summer the youth raised more than $750 by holding a flea market. The money was donated to Nia Community Lutheran Church, Wilkinsburg, Pa., and its summer reading program.

The group later traveled to Nia to perform a puppet show, read and distribute children’s books, and present their check. The youth were told about the educational needs of children in Wilkinsburg and how Nia’s program makes an impact.

Why did they do it?: They wanted to “be a neighbor” to people they didn’t know, to help those outside their church walls.

What did they learn?: Sue Harer, a member of St. John, said the youth discovered the value of doing something important for others without personal gain. The youth, who hope to be an inspiration to others, also learned that it’s important to take care of those they don’t know, not just themselves.


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