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Did you just replace your wireless phone and now have a useless old one to dispose of? Don’t throw it out. Instead, use the “donate a phone” section of the Wireless Foundation’s Web site to find a local drop-off point for used wireless phones. Donated phones are reprogrammed and distributed through shelters, advocacy agencies and police departments to people who fear domestic violence. Telephone companies provide free emergency airtime, so if the user needs to escape a harmful situation, they can use their donated phone to dial for help.


As Christians interact more with neighbors of other religions, it’s helpful to have a place to turn for etiquette questions. The above address at www.beliefnet.com is a little clunky, but it takes users to a list of helpful questions and answers about other religions’ adherents, life-cycle ceremonies and taboos. The index includes everything from advice on visiting the sick to whether it’s appropriate to invite practitioners of other religions to a Christmas party (it is) to whether it’s appropriate to ask for a discount on Shaker furniture (it’s not). Many of the questions are answered by Arthur Magida, author of the How to be a Perfect Stranger series.


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