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Hopes for the pope

Pray for good relationships via Benedict XVI

What good does it do the Lutheran church to have a new pope? Will there be a change in the relationship between Lutherans and Roman Catholics?

For the most part, our Catholic sisters and brothers seem to be grateful and pleased with Pope Benedict XVI’s election. We share their joy and optimism since what blesses them blesses us.

The election of a new leader for a billion Christians is significant for us all. It reminds us that we are bound together in Christ and that the unity of the whole church on earth is a priority for God, if John 17 is to be believed. Therefore it’s a priority for us.

(Weissenbuehler's answer continues, and he also answers "I’ve heard that in the coming decades our country is going to get “grayer.” How do we keep our focus on the faith development of children and young people when the church seems to keep getting older?")

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