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Leap of faith

The descent was graceful; the landing more of a “plop,” according to the Fargo [N.D.] Forum, which covered Heidi Schwerdtfeger’s May 15 skydiving experience. About 40 parishioners were on hand to watch, applaud and high-five Schwerdtfeger, a pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Moorhead, Minn., who can now cross another item off her list of things to do.

When she volunteered for a hospice in Memphis some 10 years ago, Schwerdtfeger listed 50 things she wants to do before she dies. Skydiving was one of them. The handwritten list, updated every so often, is tucked in her journal. Motorcycle lessons? Done. Swimming with dolphins? Done. Building furniture? Done.

The day she jumped (with Skydive Fargo! tandem instructor Kyle Marple) she was also celebrating her one-year anniversary as a pastor and kicking off a fundraising effort for a Habitat for Humanity home that Trinity sponsors. “My wish was just to jump out of an airplane,” Schwerdtfeger told the Forum. “For some people, their wish is to have a home.”

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