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Justice Leaguers fight injustice

Justice Leaguers at Rejoice Lutheran Church, Geneva, Ill., flexed their “superpowers” to fight injustice in Haiti. Through a “Parable Challenge,” 16 fifth-graders started with $56 and raised $1,114.05 for the ELCA Disaster Relief Fund, earmarked for Haiti hurricane relief.

Their adventure started with the parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30). They learned that God gives “superpowers”—talents and gifts—to fight injustice and make a difference in the world.

Each youth received an envelope from their teacher—the “Master.” Some envelopes held $5; others $3. Students used their talents to make more. After two months, the Master checked in to see how the servants had used the gifts.

They had five rules, including that they couldn’t get additional money from their parents to help them get started, they could accept donations if they asked for them, and they had to return at least the same amount of money as when they started.

Meet the Justice Leaguers (one student didn’t return any talents).

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