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'The Lutheran' editor resigns

David L. Miller will join the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

David L. Miller is leaving The Lutheran, where he’s been on staff since the ELCA magazine’s first issue in January 1988 and has led it as editor for nearly six years. He’s going to the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, where he’ll be dean of chapel and director of spiritual formation (see article).

“It’s a change of geography, a change of venue,” he muses, “but not a change of ministry. I’ll still be helping people see and name the places of grace in our world, in their lives.”

At the seminary this will include work with all Master of Divinity students through retreats, workshops and other events, he says, “to aid their growth as people of faith and as deeper, stronger leaders who will help others with this life of faith.”

Traveling to India with an ELCA delegation
Traveling to India with an ELCA delegation in January, David L. Miller met these young tsunami survivors at Chithrapettai.
Miller, 52, loved going places—from Somalia to New York’s ground zero to Jerusalem—and listening and looking in this vocation of “helping people see.” The rubber waders he bought at an army surplus store before heading to Rock Port, Mo., in 1993 to cover the flooding of the Missouri River still hung on a hook in his office at The Lutheran the day he submitted his resignation. He’s worn them a couple of other times.

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