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What are we afraid of?

The war against terror requires a parallel war against injustice

Hate crimes against Muslims are up. Hundreds of Muslims languish in detention centers without the benefit of lawyers. In May televangelist Pat Robertson wondered aloud whether American Muslims ought to be appointed to Cabinet posts and federal judgeships.

It’s all a reminder that, almost four years into the “war on terror,” we have allowed it to overcome our sense of fairness. Some Christians continue to see their Muslim neighbors as walking time bombs. Many think Muslims are somehow behind Sept. 11. Most construe jihad as a war against our faith.

None of it is true, says Abbas al-Halabi, former supreme court judge in Lebanon and president of the Arab Group for Christian-Muslim Dialogue. The organization toured the U.S. in April, speaking to Christian and Muslim groups including Salaam Arabic Lutheran Church in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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