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Lutheran Bible Ministries offers lectionary-based Bible studies far enough in advance for group leaders to plan classes up to a month ahead. Each week’s guide offers text study, discussion questions and “Into the week,” a section that encourages application of the study’s principles for the week to come. Two versions of each guide (leader and participant) are offered in Microsoft Word (.doc) format.

Need to find a birthday card in a hurry? Consider sending an e-card from the ELCA to commemorate a holiday or birthday. Want to give a birthday gift that makes a difference? Send an e-card (perhaps the peeking pig) to tell the recipient you’ve made a donation to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal in their honor.


“Speaking of Faith,” the companion site to the public-radio show of the same name, makes the most of the Web. No surprise it won a Webby from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. It presents stories, audio and photography about the world of religion.

What religion does writer/movie producer George Lucas practice? What are the federal guidelines for religious expression in public schools? From which major world religion did Druze originate? This site attempts to provide answers for everything religious—from the trivial to the profound. Two staff members of The Lutheran, for example, learned their favorite science fiction author, Connie Willis, attends a United Church of Christ congregation.


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