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Update: Straight into gay America

Lars Clausen (right), an ELCA pastor whose 2002 unicycle trip across the U.S. raised $500,000 for the Inupiat Eskimo ministry of Seward, Alaska, and landed two Guinness World Records (October 2002, page 10), is back on his cycle. In mid-June he was scheduled to set out from Burlington, Vt., on a one-month unicycle trip asking the question: “What is it like to be gay in America today?”

Clausen says he hopes to pedal beyond today’s political and religious polarization to uncover stories of day-to-day life, gathering material for a second book: “Straight into Gay America: A Journey Toward Compassion,” to be published in 2006.

“In these highly charged times, it feels right to ride in search of stories and experiences,” he says. “My hope is to add a word of compassion to the contentious ‘moral’ conversations of this past election. The conflict will surely resurface at the midterm elections.”

Updates will appear on his Web site (www.onewheel.org).


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