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Pastor launches Web radio

You won’t hear about it on your radio at home or in your car, but there’s a new Christian music radio station in your town. In every town, actually, thanks to the Internet.

Melding music with audio streaming technology, Michele Fischer, pastor of Holy Nativity Lutheran Church, Endicott, N.Y., and her husband, Neal, a musician, launched www.faithrock.org from their home this March. Neal calls it “a safe place ... to listen to great Christian music.”

The idea came to Michele Fisher after seeing kids at an ELCA Youth Gathering “responding to the music of Lost and Found, Agape and other groups associated more with the mainline churches than with the Christian music industry out of Nashville,” she wrote on the Web site bio page. She realized that if kids didn’t buy a CD then and there “they would most likely not hear their music again.”

That motivated her to get the station, which survives on donations, up and running. Geared toward teens, college students and young adults, www.faithrock.org even plays songs by lesser-known independent Christian artists who normally wouldn’t get “play” on Christian radio.

Nearly every genre is covered, including rock, gospel, metal, country, hip-hop and rap. Some artists featured during a recent hour of broadcasting include Agape, Seventh Day Slumber, Kirk F., Newsboys, Peder Eide, Michael W. Smith, Twinkle Clark, TBone and Pillar.




Posted at 9:12 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/11/2009

Excellent.  We have been running a web radio station for several years now and it has been a great joy to all

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