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Hearing is believing

Diana Kattan, 27, works in the Old City in Jerusalem as director of the Martin Luther Development Center, which offers education, vocational training and recreation to its 100,000 residents.

“We’re trying to respond to the needs of these people because the Old City is becoming a closed community, completely shut off from the West Bank now,” she said.

Kattan told the story of daily life in her city throughout the Midwest this spring as part of the Jerusalem Women Speak tour, an annual program of Partners for Peace (www.partnersforpeace.org).

Two other women toured with Kattan, a Roman Catholic—one a Jew and the other a Muslim. “Some people are surprised to find us working together,” she said. “Some people don’t believe what the wall is doing, don’t even believe the pictures. But they listen when a Jewish lady tells them it’s true.”


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