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Curious who?

“Inspired by the children’s book character Curious George, with whom he shares a name, curious found this word most fitting. When he served as ELCA presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, his curiosity was an invaluable asset—helping him to tirelessly listen and learn.”

That’s all the identification given to this familiar face in The Living Word (Penfield Books; available from www.amazon.com) written by Laura Gentry, pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Lansing, Iowa, and photographed by her husband, William Gentry, a Congregational pastor.

“We asked people to think about who they are with their gifts and passions and then to find the one word that takes them to where God is leading them,” says Laura Gentry about the book project.

H. George Anderson (above) is one of 100 who responded to their one-word challenge. Now the couple are offering workshops for church groups to lead participants to discover their own living words (www.thegentryjoint.com).


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