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A world of grace

As I prepare to leave The Lutheran, I remember one soul above all others

Don’t bury the lead,” I was told early in my 18 years at The Lutheran. “Tell them early what the story is about.” So I will: I have resigned as editor of The Lutheran, effective June 30. On July 1, I will begin new duties as dean of the chapel and Floy L. and Paul F. Cornelsen director of spiritual formation at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

The place and shape of ministry will change for me—from an editorial office to a seminary campus, from writing and editing to nurturing students—but the message and motive remain constant: naming the mystery that we bear and behold.

For me, writing has always been about naming: naming the moments, entering and describing events so something of their depth is captured for other souls to see and savor. Our moments and days must be named or they are lost to us. We miss the secrets they bear, the blessings they bring and the Loving Mystery who is present in them all. Truth is, we miss most of our lives because we don’t stop to savor our moments, thus failing to receive the gifts that lie hidden even in the most mundane or seemingly forsaken.

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