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Before the rains

A boy in the Ta’asha area of South Darfur, Sudan, plays on the parched soil that will soon turn to mud, making many roads impassable and contaminating drinking water with waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

Yet it will also prepare the soil for planting, something desperately needed in this food-insecure area. In Ta’asha, about 6,000 villagers and 4,000 residents feel the pressure of too few resources. “We will always be in a dilemma when assisting people because most of the people in Darfur have needs,” said Brian Martin, head of ACT/Caritas work in the province. “But we have had to differentiate between the levels of needs in order to use our resources for the most vulnerable.”

At the end of April, ELCA partner Action by Churches Together weatherproofed relief facilities for the three-month rainy season. ACT and its partner Caritas also stored goods for easy access, distributed plastic sheeting so displaced people could cover their temporary shelters and provided farming tools. To help the Sudanese people, the ELCA has sent $205,000 so far in 2005.


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