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Something for Christians to do

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, in all of the terror, sadness, and silence, we as Christian people wonder: "What are we to do?

Through all our pain and anger it is hard to think clearly.

It should come as no surprise to us that in the presence of Evil, we are confused.

We want so badly to do the right thing. So we give blood, we send money, we pray. And yet we wonder what else we can do with our hands, our arms, our minds. Because we know one thing for sure; our emotional self, our souls are knotted up, twisted and turning.

Isn't there a practical theologian that can help us "do" something? Can all we offer be a time of silence when our hearts are screaming? Will someone please suggest a few helpful things we may do in this time of unsurpassed need?

I have always considered myself a practical theologian. Here are my thoughts.

1. Claim the church, the body of Christ on earth, and surround yourself with people of faith that love you. You need them to be Christ to you. Christ's arms to hold and Christ's tears to share.
Surround yourself with God's people who love you and with those whom you can love. If ever there was a time to be purposeful about being around people with whom you can share love, it is now.

(Article continues with seven more suggestions for dealing with tragedy.)

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