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At the crossroads

Will we carry out good or evil?

We've just experienced a wrenching, exhausting, sorrowful time. And yet there have been moments of joy and pride. Consider the hatred and evil in the minds of some. But then consider the infinite ways humans can show caring, sacrifice and love.

Most of us want to identify with the loving and graceful characters we witness today. We applaud great and generous deeds. And we react to gruesome details with horror, shock, terror, tears, fear, anger — even hatred. From a distance we have little difficulty distinguishing the good from the bad, those who uplift us from those who torment us.

What will we learn from watching the people whom we come to know so intimately? We can choose the good, right and divine. We can even change tragedy into opportunity in our lives, if we desire. What terrible spirit moves a person to carry out such unspeakable horror in even one life, say nothing of thousands? Could anything change what might motivate such total slavery and subjugation? Will we ever take the time or make the effort to find out? It's likely we'll simply react with hatred, tragedy and vengeance repeated over and over. What will make us feel good again?

How can we learn from the tragedy before us? We can learn from those who have sacrificed for others, whom we hold in high regard. We can begin by searching for the love, peace and sacrifice, which many are showing us in the trenches.

In fact, we can never afford to be pulled down into the morass of the confused and brainwashed, who do so much hurting and bring so much terror. We cannot afford the vengeful violence that will bring us down as a beacon of light and hope to the world. We cannot afford the billions of dollars needed to chase after ghosts and goblins, for we will never erase either terrorism or evil. We cannot afford the panic of refugees fleeing their homes and countries because a raging giant is on the rampage.

We can be shining lights in a dark time — an example of peace, hope and love to the world's hurting masses. We are at an important crossroads, and we have great opportunity to carry out greater good — or evil. What do you hope we show the world?


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