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War? Or no war?

The division regarding the threats of war are a matter of concern to us. Are those oppposing the war in fear of their own interests or are they in fear of the dangers of the war itself and the post-war situation? The actual war undoubtedly means bloodshed, catastrophe, bitterness and hatred. Every person is valuable; every drop of human blood is too precious to waste.

Those who say ‘no war’ see the world as being in a worse condition if there is war, with the international will flaunted. Those who say ‘yes’ to war apparantly believe the violence and extremism will end by attacking and bombing Iraq. But isn't it true that if we give in to war that we will simply create another platform on which violence and extremism will proliferate?

I am here to tell you that Palestinians are exhausted fom oppression and injustice that take the form of war right here in Palestine and Israel. We of all people know war's terrible toll and the consequences of violence and extremism. We plead with the world not to try to solve one problem at the expense of another, leaving only a bleak future for everyone. May God give us strength and courage to work for truth, justice and a genuine peace through peaceful means.

‘Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!’ (Amos 5) Lord God, let justice stream forth for every nation in the Middle East.


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