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Congregations respond to war

On April 13, upon a parched piece of land, members of Madison [Wis.] Christian Community grieved the loss of human life resulting from the war in Iraq.

Madison (an ecumenical partnership of Community of Hope, United Church of Christ, and Advent Lutheran Church, ELCA) held an observance of mourning and hope on the prairie land adjacent to its building. The prairie had been burned earlier in the week.

The observance was open to all people who desired to publicly affirm that God values human life and grieves the deaths of all U.S. and allied soldiers, citizens of Iraq killed by friendly or enemy fire, or the victims of what is called “collateral damage.”

Parishioners made nearly 800 small crosses that were placed in the prairie soil in remembrance of the deceased. Stones were set among the crosses to honor the many Muslims who died, as stones are used in Iraq to mark the graves of the deceased.

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