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Waiting for the call

Waiting has been the hardest part for David Durham, a 37-year-old major in the U.S. Marine Corps and father of six children. “We’ve been on pins and needles for six months,” he said.

Durham, his wife, Connie, their five sons and one daughter joined Advent Lutheran Church, Cedarburg, Wis., March 16, the Sunday before U.S. troops entered Iraq.

Janis Kinens, pastor of Advent, said, “[The family has] expressed their gratitude to be a part of a community of faith at this time, and especially one that seems to understand and support their conviction that what David is doing is not only necessary, but right.”

When the Durhams asked to have their three youngest children baptized, parishioners stepped forward as sponsors for each child.

Since his commissioning as a second lieutenant in 1989, Durham has felt a strong call to serve with his fellow Marines. “We watch out for each other and absolutely refuse to let each other down,” he said.

Durham expects to be called to active duty soon.

“With me being away from a large family, it will be very difficult for them, but they’re coping,” he said. “I’ve been in the Marine Corps all their lives, and I think they would think less of me if I didn’t express a willingness to go. Obviously war is a horrible thing, and I hope it’s over quickly, but as long as there are fellow Marines in harm’s way, I want to be there with them.”


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