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Division for Outreach board Chicago, March 11-12

• Commended to the ELCA Church Council the Plan of Action for Ministry in African Descent Communities, the African American/Black Outreach Strategy and the Arab and Middle Eastern Ministry Strategy

• Urged future program unit committees to continue monitoring the needs of sparsely populated and declining population communities.

Commission for Women steering committee Chicago, Feb. 25-26

• Asked the Churchwide Assembly to refer the work of fulfilling the unit’s mandate to the interunit alliance, to be coordinated by the director for justice for women, who would report annually to the Church Council and to each assembly to assess progress in the restructured organization toward fulfilling the mandate.

• Challenged the churchwide structure to incorporate the work of developing and using inclusive language into its mandate and offered its archive of materials for this purpose.

Division for Church in Society board Chicago, March 10-12

• Forwarded to the Church Council the task force’s recommendation to delay the human sexuality social statement.

• Affirmed the churchwide strategy for ELCA engagement in Israel and Palestine. Asked the council to recommend Churchwide Assembly action calling for all ELCA expressions to participate in the emerging campaign for peace with justice in Israel and Palestine.

Division for Higher Education and Schools board Chicago, March 18-19

• Commended to the Church Council the Arab and Middle Eastern Ministry Strategy and the Plan of Action for Ministry in African Descent Communities, emphasizing the need for appropriate funding.

Division for Global Mission board Chicago, March 18-20

• Commended to the Church Council and the Churchwide Assembly the “Churchwide Strategy for ELCA Engagement in Israel and Palestine.”

• Affirmed the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land’s call that construction of the Israeli separation wall be stopped and that walls on Palestinian land be removed.

• Expressed support for the U.S. Congress to expedite economic and infrastructure aid for the Palestinian people, without restrictions.

• Learned that Swedish Lutherans are engaging in dialogues with Jews and Muslims in the Holy Land. The Church of Sweden’s Hope Campaign calls for an end to terrorism and violence and a ban of products from settlements, an action directed against the Israeli government’s policies.

• Learned that large numbers of Hondurans immigrate to the United States to escape hunger, a lack of affordable education and health care, poor prices for coffee farmers and violence—sometimes by police. The Christian Lutheran Church in Honduras is committed to developing new leaders, strengthening family economies, and practicing environmental stewardship.


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