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'Just a drop in a vast ocean'

What if that isn't good enough for God?

She is an internationally known theologian who was lecturing before a well-educated audience. There was a question about life after death and what it might be like. She replied that traditional ideas of immortality are influenced by Western individualism. She said that her ego didn't need to go on forever and that "it is OK with me to be just a drop in a vast ocean."

The audience included many senior people, and I could not help but ask her: "Maybe it's OK with you to be a drop in the ocean, but what if it isn't OK with God?"

What if resurrected life has less to do with self-importance than with the completion of God's creation? What if God's business is not completed with the earthly death of God's creatures? What if all of this leads to something far beyond what any of us can imagine? What if God has an unfinished agenda when we die?

What if God does not let go of any of us, not because we are necessary to God or so interesting to keep around forever, but simply because God loves us, and being a drop in the ocean doesn't satisfy the Almighty? What if God is not playing a cosmic joke, but preparing us for a life beyond our wildest imagination?


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