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For family reading this Easter season, try At Jerusalem's Gate by Nikki Grimes (Eerdmans, 2005; www.eerdmans.com; 800-253-7521).

In her author's note, Grimes wrote: "There are as many questions in the Easter story as there are answers." She admits she doesn't have the answers but thinks the questions are worth asking. She does this through 22 poems that explore Jesus' life, beginning with his triumphant arrival in Jerusalem through his resurrection.

Grimes' poems are good discussion starters. Adults will want to read this book with children (ages 8 and up) to explore the messages and questions found in the poems.

David Frampton's illustrations add to this exploration. The visually appealing woodcuts allow for conversation on how the artwork adds meaning to the poems.

To help with the discussion, the book also has Bible references for each poem and background notes.


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