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Tell the story

We need to pray and study the Scriptures

I Love to Tell the Story. What a marvelous hymn! Memories flood my mind whenever I sing it. But I begin to worry: Do we know the story of which we sing? Two recent events raise the question.

First, a Muslim imam expressed his hope to find ways for Christians and Muslims to engage in dialogue. He had studied at a Christian seminary for three years. “I know your Scriptures very well,” he said. “I love your sacred stories. But Bishop ... I meet many Christians who do not know their own Bible. It is important for Christians to know their Scriptures and Muslims to know the Koran before we bring them together to explore what we share in common and how we are different.”

The second was a Chicago Tribune editorial, “Biblical ignorance” (May 12), that argued for Bible instruction in U.S. high schools, not to advance a religious agenda but to educate students about this significant book in American literature and history. It is hard to disagree that we are becoming biblically illiterate.

(Article continues and includes a farewell to outgoing editor of The Lutheran, David L. Miller.)

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