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'What more do we have to do?'

Lutheran Disaster Response-New York meets continuing needs from Sept. 11

Like Joseph in the Old Testament, kids of many colors around New York City have been feeling unsure of the new world into which they've been thrown. But hundreds of them, also like Joseph, were given the opportunity to identify their gifts, cope with dark emotions and see dreams of the future.

In dozens of summer day camps— called New Ground—they acted, sang, questioned and created using Joseph's story to learn about themselves and their world. The camps are among more than hall a dozen services offered by Lutheran Disaster Response-New York (www.ldrny.org) to help people of all ages and backgrounds with financial and emotional issues resulting from the Sept. 11 attacks.

The children at the New Ground day camps in many ways represent the thousands of people LDRNY has helped so far. They still have many questions about what happened on Sepi. 11. Some are just learning how to express their feelings about their situation. Some need help and aren't sure how to get it. And they come from all walks of life—different neighborhoods, different races, different faiths.

Existing Lutheran agencies in New York City weren't equipped to handle the amount and range of such needs. But the ELCA and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod have a history of cooperation in social ministry—and Bishop Stephen Bouman of the Metropolitan New York Synod and President David Benke, LCMS Atlantic District, have been especially collaborative.

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