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Party girl

Teen writes about celebrating Christ's presence, with family and friends

Sometimes God's word shines brightest through those with the heaviest burdens.

That's the case with Quinn Redlin Kintner of Port Angeles, Wash., who has written 10 devotions for Lent and Easter. At 14, Quinn lives a life different from most teens. Due to complications from a premature birth, she is deaf, breathes through a tube in her trachea and uses a power chair. She communicates using the computer and sign language.

Quinn wrote the devotions as part of a confirmation project last spring at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles. Her writings were printed in a booklet, "Some Things I Learned about Lent and Easter," and distributed among members of the large congregation to use. (See Maundy Thursday.)

The petite ninth-grader with curly, blond hair loves the idea of a party. That goes back to her early years.

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