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Trexler declines to run again

Edgar R. Trexler, editor of The Lutheran for 21 years, announced Jan. 13 he won't seek re-election in August at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in Denver. His term officially ends Oct. 31.

"As the first and only editor of this church's magazine, Edgar Trexler has given The Lutheran its independent character and its high quality," said Presiding Bishop H. George Anderson. "He has constantly found ways to make the magazine more readable and attractive."

Trexler, who will be 62 when his term ends, has been editor since the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America was formed in 1988. The Lutheran is the largest denominational periodical in the world. "When I joined the staff in 1965 [at the former Lutheran Church in America's magazine, also called The Lutheran] on a two-year call, I could never have anticipated the opportunities for professional and personal growth that have come my way," Trexler said. "But there is also the sense that it is time for that tenure to come to a close." He cited a demanding schedule, being "out of the line of fire" and a desire to "live in another part of the country near our family" as reasons.

According to the ELCA constitution, the magazine's advisory committee, in consultation with the presiding bishop and the Church Council, nominates the editor. The nominee's name is forwarded to the Churchwide Assembly for consideration. Editors are elected to a four-year term.

"When I think of Trex, I think of a man of enormous dignity," said Hazel H. Reinhardt, Edina, Minn., chair of the 11-member advisory committee for The Lutheran. "He's even-tempered and composed. He's shown incredible love and commitment to the Lutheran church."

Trexler and his wife, Emily, plan to retire in Hendersonville, N.C., where they are building a home.


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