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'Jesus is coming: Look busy!'

This is about three truths and a tangle. First, Jesus is coming again, affirmed in both the Scriptures and the creeds: "He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead" (Nicene Creed). History will have a conclusion and Jesus is at that conclusion.

Second, Jesus is the One who judges. This bumper-sticker theology suggests that "looking busy" is the motive for seeking his approval because Jesus is our judge.

Third, we are all busy, terribly busy, beyond-our-capacities busy. Whether single or married, with children or childless, retired or incapacitated, there is a "busy-ness" beyond us that leaves us breathless and fatigued. This is most certainly true.

Now the tangle: Our busy-ness, work and good deeds don't save us.

Busy-ness, works and deeds will not save. Jesus alone saves! Perhaps the corrective is: "Jesus is coming; may each be found faithful."


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