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ELCA sexuality studies: Timeline leading to 2005 Churchwide Assembly

Jan. 13

Release of report: Report and recommendations of the Task Force for ELCA Studies on Sexuality posted on the ELCA Web site: www.elca.org/faithfuljourney/tfreport.


Congregational study: All congregations are encouraged to study the report and recommendations and to respond directly to their synods, not to the task force, for follow-up by synod councils and assemblies.

March 3-8

Conference of Bishops: Synod bishops will consider the report and recommendations.

April 8-11

Church Council meeting: After reviewing the report and recommendations, with any additional comments from the boards of the Division for Church in Society and the Division for Ministry, the Church Council will prepare resolutions for Churchwide Assembly action on the report and recommendations.


Synod assemblies: Synods may write individual responses through memorials to the Churchwide Assembly.

August 8-14

Churchwide Assembly: Voting members will consider the report and recommendations, synod memorials and proposed resolutions from the Church Council, and determine appropriate action.


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