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Awakening spirituality

S.C. confirmands walk the labyrinth, meditate, write psalms

The writers of the book of Psalms lived in a world where war, fear and doubt simultaneously existed with hope, the beauty of God's creation and the sure knowledge that God is our deliverance.

Much like our world today.

Contemporary psalmist Jessica Grant, age 13, laments: "I'm looking for you, but I keep hitting dead ends. I am so lost; I wish to find you.

"Are you hiding from me, or are you there, waiting for me to open my eyes and heart? I believe I will find you. It won't be an easy path, and when I find you it will be for good. You are the light ...."

Ann Taylor, 13, another young psalmist, ponders God's creation: "I look out in the field at the wild galloping horses with the stars above them, wondering how God came up with these wonderful things."

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