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'Davey': A Christmas hit

Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas attracted enormous media attention when it aired nationwide Dec. 19 and 26 on cable's Hallmark Channel. The one-hour, stop-motion animation TV special from the ELCA was the first new Davey and Goliath production in 30 years.

Davey Hansen; his dog, Goliath; and other characters are property of the ELCA.

Nearly 175 newspapers published an Associated Press story about the production, said Eric C. Shafer, director of the ELCA Department for Communication.

Tim Cuprisin of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called Snowboard Christmas the "best new special of the season." It portrays the religious side of Christmas without being heavy-handed, he added.

"Snowboard Christmas ... is as sweet as ever in its old-fashioned simplicity," commented Phil Rosenthal, Chicago Sun-Times TV critic. "Nostalgic older viewers simply checking in for an 'Oh, Davey' fix may not be wowed. But the really young kids targeted for its homily about diversity and tolerance should be able to watch without a smirk as Davey learns with them that not everyone celebrates Christmas, boys are not necessarily better than girls at sports, and you should probably pay attention when a warning sign tells you not to ski somewhere."

Next steps for Davey and Goliath (www.daveyandgoliath.org) are a re-release of refurbished versions of the original 65 episodes in 2005, sales of the Snowboard Christmas DVD and possibly more new Davey episodes, Shafer said.


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