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The fountain of life

It's 4:30 a.m. and I'm prying my sleepy body out of bed. The only thing I see out the open window is a line of purple light. I hear the waves climbing over the rocks and bathing the shore.

There isn't much time to grab my camera gear and get outside. As I walk through the grass, the morning dew kicks up from my shoes and clings to my legs, sending a chill through me. The air smells clean and sweet as the breeze moves over the lake.

I climb down the hill to the rocky beach. Quick, set up the tripod, get the camera ready, meter carefully. Time is running out. It has begun, the sky fills with color as the sun rises and I fire off as many shots as possible before the show is quickly over.

Taking a deep breath, I look around me. What a sight it has been! I smile and say, “Good morning, God, and how are you this fine morning?”

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